Biography of Mohammad Amin Ahmadi, Member of the Negotiating Team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

M. Amin Ahmadi

Name/Last Name: Dr. Mohammad Amin Ahmadi
Province: Uruzgan
Date of Birth: 1964
Languages: Persian (Native), Pashto (Good), Arabic and English (Academic)


   • PHD in Islamic Philosophy, Tehran University.
   •  15 years of studies in Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Quranic Exegesis, Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism at Qum Seminary.

Main Job:

   • Chancellor and professor at Avicenna University (1389- )

Other Jobs:

• Member of Afghan Peace Negotiating Team (1399- )
• Member of Legal Board, Ministry of Higher Education (1398- )
• Member of Supreme Council, Ministry of Higher Education (1397- )


   • President of Academic Board, Afghanistan Writers’ Cultural Center (1372-1382)
   • Academic Member and Researcher, Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy 
   • Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Look Journal (1382-1384)
   • Member of Constitution Scrutiny Commission (1382)
   • Chancellor and professor at Kateb University (1386-1388)
   • Member of the Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution (1389-1393)
   • Member of Academic Affairs Coherence Directorate, Ministry of Higher Education (1394-1397)
   • Managing Editor of Contemporary Thought Research and Scientific Magazine.

Academic Career:

   • Publications: Books and Articles in Philosophy, Islam, Peace, Human Rights, Law and Politics;
   • Published Books:
         1- Expectations of Man from Religion (2007).
         2- Realms of Existence According to Analytic Philosophers (2020).
         3- The Paradoxical or the Unseen Exposer: A New Glance at Miracle (2010).
         4- Human Rights in International Relations (Translation into Persian) (2019).
   • Professor at Tehran University, AL- Mustafa University …
   • Introducing: “Complicated Peace Building in Afghanistan” Discourse at Avicenna University;
   Presenting “Quadrilateral Peace Theory” which is compatible to current situation and is effective in bringing sustainable peace in Afghanistan.
   • Delivering lectures in academic, cultural and social meetings and gatherings at home and abroad.