Senior Advisors to the State Ministry for Peace

YariParasto Yari was born in Jaghori district of Ghazni province in 1987 in a political-cultural family. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Jaghori and Quetta, Pakistan. After graduating from high school, he worked as an election manager for the UNAMA provincial office in Jaghori district for a year. After a successful year at UNAMA Provincial Office for Election Affairs, Parasto Yari began working with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) in mid-2007 on human rights abuses. Ms. Yari was transferred to Faryab, where she worked for four years at the Press and Information Center of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission. Four years later, she returned to Kabul, where she continued to work for the Independent Human Rights Commission's headquarters for another two years.
Parasto Yari, who had dropped out of school due to poor social conditions and difficulties in his personal life, could not ignore higher education as the most important component and need for personal and social empowerment. In the spring of 2011, he entered the law school of Kateb Private University. During his student years, he became a member of the Student Association of Kateb University due to his talent and desire for collective and extracurricular activities, and some time later he took charge of the public relations of this association. After four years with brilliant records, she graduated from the Faculty of Law in the fall of 2014.
Along with his education and studentship, Parasto Yari could not ignore his passion and talent for political and social activities. In September 2014, she actively participated as a representative of elite women from Ghazni province in the Loya Jirga for the ratification of the Afghanistan-US Security Pact. During the 2014 presidential election, Dr. Zalmai Rasoul, the deputy head of the women's section of the election campaign, took part in the election as a national political process. During her four years as the founder and spokesperson of the Afghanistan Victims Survivors Foundation, Parasto Yari made an outstanding contribution to the establishment, operation and improvement of the judiciary.
Ms. Yari for one year as Deputy Administrative Office of the Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, one year as Senior Assistant Advisor for Women and Youth Affairs of the Executive Directorate of the National Unity Government, Senior Assistant to the Deputy High Peace Council of Afghanistan and also as Legal Advisor Payvand Socio-Cultural Institute has worked today. In addition to holding positions in various government and non-government departments, Ms. Yari also received her master's degree in International Relations and Political Science from Ibn Sina University.
Ms. Yari is fluent in Persian, Pashto, Uzbek and English. She has made many official, business and educational trips to China, Sri Lanka, Oman and Pakistan, and at the same time, several scientific articles about him have been published in Kabul newspapers, especially the Hasht sobh newspaper.
Prior to announcing her candidacy for the Afghan parliamentary elections in the Ghazni constituency, Parasto Yari worked as a technical advisor for women's empowerment in the executive branch of the National Unity Government. In addition to her official job, she was the chair of the Kabul Symposium Peace Committee and one of the 17 members of the Jaghori People's Decision-Making Council based in Kabul and a member of the Afghan Women's Political Rights Advocacy Group and an active member of the 2018 Peace Loya Jirga. In addition, she has worked in the peacebuilding sector. She has also been a member of the Leadership Committee of the Afghan Women's National Consensus for Peace in 2018, led by the First Lady, with the goal of uniting women across the country for the Afghan peace process.
Parasto Yari has also received extensive training and experience in international travel to support equal rights, capacity building and engagement with the international community for Afghanistan's development. She attended the International Peace Conference in South Korea, the International Assembly of Young Muslim Women in Indonesia, Experiences and Policies for Natural Disaster Prevention in China, the National Research Program in Oman, Sri Lanka, and participated in 75 conferences reporting on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Women (SEDAW) has participated in many workshops and trainings in Switzerland.
Parasto Yari, with extensive experience in governmental and non-governmental institutions, with extensive experience at the international level, has recently been appointed Senior Advisor to the Ministry of State for Peace Affairs in Afghanistan and also chairs the Legal Board of the Ministry of Peace. His work in this country is exclusively for peace, gender equality and development.