Biography of Fatima Gailani, Member of the Negotiating Team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Fatima Gilani

Fatima Gailani, daughter of Sayed Ahmad Gailani, was born in 1953. She has completed his secondary education at Malalai School in 1971.
Ms. Gailani completed her bachelor's and master's degrees at the National University of Iran (Shahid Beheshti University). She also holds a master's degree in Islamic studies and jurisprudence from The Muslim College in London.
Ms. Gailani has been the spokesperson for the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan Party in the West (USA and Europe) for 12 years and has served on the Sharia Board of the Islamic College of London for two years.
He was also a member of the Rome Conference, the Emergency Liege and the Constitutional Loya Jirga, and was commissioner of the Constitutional Review Committee.
From 2005 to 2016, she was the s the president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society. At the same time, Ms. Gailani was the Chair of the Compliance & Mediation Board of the Red Cross and Federation of Red Crescent, and in 2017, she was the Chair of the Red Cross Conference. She also represented the Red Cross and the Federation of Red Crescent Society in the same year in the humanitarian aid sector for the entire Gulf Basin in Dubai.
Ms. Gailani is also the author of the book "Mohammad Musa Shafiq" and "Mosques of London".