The Head of Negotiation Team of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Meets with the EU Special Envoy


Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, Head of the the Negotiation Team of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Tomas Niklasson the EU Special Envoy.
The meeting focused on the current situation, the escalation of violence and the need for peace and a ceasefire, and exchanged views on the progress of peace talks in Doha.
The Head of Negotiation Team, stating that the current war in Afghanistan has no legitimacy, said that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, establishing peace and security is one of the priorities of the people and the government of Afghanistan.
Mr. Stanekzai also said that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is fully prepared to continue the talks and highlighted that the other side needs to show its serious will to the Afghanistan people in this regard. 
He said that the continuation of war and violence in Afghanistan also has negative consequences for the countries of the region and the world, and called for the strengthening of national and international consensus as a prerequisite for success in the peace negotiation process. 
The Head of Negotiation Team also added that a number of members of the negotiating team are currently in Qatar to progress the talks, and the other members of the delegation will leave Afghanistan toward Qatar in the near future.
Mr. Niklasson stated the European Union will support the role of different segments of society, especially afghan women and youth, in the peace process. 
Referring to the ongoing war and escalating violence in Afghanistan, he emphasized that the both side need to mobilize and accelerate the negotiation process.
The European Union special envoy added that EU is closely monitoring the progress of Afghanistan peace talks and said that achieving to a tangible results in the talks would have a positive impact on EU continuing cooperation to Afghanistan.