The National Youth Conference for Peace was held

Sat, Jul 17 2021 12:01 PM

National Youth Conference for Peace as a result of youth peace talks and seminars in the provinces, organized by the Afghan Media Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Peace and Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture with the presence of government officials, civil society representatives and a number of youth from Kabul and provinces held.
At the beginning of the program, Atef Faqirzada, Afghanistan Media Director, said that the conference was organized in order to create social and just peace and strengthen the meaningful presence of young in the political peace process. He added that peace is a long-standing dream of every person in this country, so everyone should work hand in hand to eliminate violence.
Atta-ur-Rahman Salim, deputy head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, said the situation in the country was sensitive and that it was common during the war to seize several districts, and that the Taliban should not be deceived by a false victory; Because no group can impose its authoritarian ideology on people.
"The people of Afghanistan have never surrendered to force in history and called on the Taliban to give up the war and come to the negotiating table," said Salim. Because the Afghan government has opened all the gates of dialogue to this group to bring a peace.
The deputy head of the High Council for National Reconciliation stated that according to the fatwas of the scholars of the Islamic world and the Mecca Conference, the current war in Afghanistan is forbidden and has no legal ruling.
He said that the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the Higher Council for National Reconciliation, had gone to Doha for talks with the Taliban delegation to clarify the direction of the war and peace in Afghanistan. Salim added that the first option of the Afghanistan government is peace, which it proudly accepts, but if the Taliban do not stop fighting and killing, the Afghanistan government and people will have to defend themselves and their homeland.
Emphasizing the Islamic value of peace, Salim said Afghanistan scholars from the capital and provinces are present to discuss the religious aspects of the Afghanistan problem with the Taliban. The Deputy High Council for National Reconciliation called on the international community and the countries of the region not to be indifferent to the issue of Afghanistan, because this war will affect the region and the world.
Dr. Alema, Acting Minister and Deputy Minister of Human Rights and Civil Society at the State Ministry for Peace, told the conference that Afghanistan was at an undeclared war and that fortunately the security and defense forces were fighting in high spirits in defense of the people and the country's values.
Referring to the valuable role of the youth in the peace process, he said that more than 70% of the country's population are young people, who are the rising and future force of Afghanistan, and without the participation of this group, lasting peace cannot be achieved.
The Deputy State Minister for Peace stated that the people of Afghanistan want lasting, justice-oriented and developmental peace in which all segments, especially women and youth, can see, and said that civil society and the people of Afghanistan should not be neutral in the sensitive situation of the country. They should raise their voices with republic of Afghanistan together to quell the violence and put pressure on the parties those who are in conflict with Islamic republic of Afghanistan.
Idris Alokozai, Deputy Minister of Youth at the Ministry of Information and Culture, said that the youth of Afghanistan are in an information vacuum and want meaningful participation in national processes. He also said that if the Taliban did not accept negotiations and peace, all the country's youth, along with the security forces, would defend the country's values.
John Hendrik van Thiele, the Charge d’ Affaires of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Kabul, “War and conflict rob people opportunities, and this war must end now so that young’s can achieve legitimate aspirations at their homeland”.
“Unfortunately, the Taliban's terrorist identity has not changed and people need to defend themselves collectively alongside the country's security forces,” said Farah Mostafavi, head of the Mediotik Youth Network.
In addition, a technical panel exchanged their views on Afghanistan peace manner with different participation like Dr. Homaira Qaderi, author and civil society activist, Dr. Atifa Tayeb, Deputy Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Seyed Agha Hossein Fazel Sancharaki, former Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, and Zia-ul-Haq Shams, University Professor, on youth, peace and conflict resolution, 
It should be noted that the National Youth Conference for Peace ended with the reading of a resolution by the representative of the Media Youth.
The resolution emphasizes the need for young’s to participate in the peace process and preserve the 20-year achievements, and young’s called people to pay more attention to the culture of peace-building in society.

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