Tribal Elders Stressed Preserving the Republic in the Peace Process

Mon, Feb 15 2021 12:10 PM

Tribal influentials and elders expressed their support for the peace process and the republican system in a meeting attended by Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Civil Society of the State Ministry for Peace.
Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Civil Society of the SMP, said in the opening speech of the meeting that Afghanistan is at a critical historical juncture, and the solidarity and unity of the people can affect the fate of the people at this stage.
She said that the people should play their role in the peace negotiations and that all the people's values should be preserved in the process.
Dr. Mirwais Sargand, Director of Coordination with Security, Defense, Civil and Prison Affairs Institutions of the SMP, said that the Afghan government and people had shown great flexibility in achieving peace, an example of which is the release of 5000 Taliban prisoners.
He stressed that the government's peace efforts would be successful with the people's support and solidarity.
He also called the country's current system based on the votes of the people and said that preserving the system and the republic is one of the top demands of the people in the peace process.
Besides announcing their support for the ongoing peace negotiations and the republican system, the participants of the meeting shared their views, suggestions, and demands about the peace process.
Emphasizing the preservation of the republic in the peace negotiations, they said that peace would be achieved when the past years' achievements and the Afghan people's rights and values were preserved in the process.
The participants emphasized the importance of the people's participation in this process and stressed that the State Ministry for Peace should hold more meetings to hear the people's views and demands.
Protecting the rights and achievements of women and minorities, caring for the families of war victims, preserving the Constitution, freedom of expression, and other Afghan people's achievements over the past two decades were some of the issues emphasized by the participants in the meeting.


Tue, Feb 23 2021 3:37 PM
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