Biography of Mohammad Rasool Talib, Member of the Negotiating Team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan


Mohammad Rasool Talib is the President's Senior Advisor on Public and Social Affairs. Mr. Talib was born in 1953 in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province. He finished high school in the same area and then entered Kabul Medical University.
After the coup d'état of April 27, 1978, he went to the dreaded communist prison twice, in 1978 and 1979, and sur-vived that. During the passionate period of Jihad and religious and patriotic struggle, he was dragged to the field of Jihad and armed battle. He spent several years with the clean, sincere and self-sacrificing Mujahideen on the fronts of Ghazni province.
Mr. Talib emigrated in 1987 and established the Organization of Victory (Sazman-e-Nasr)  office in Peshawar, Paki-stan. After the formation of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan (Hezb-e Wahdat) and the opening of its office in Peshawar, after Mr. Hayatullah Balaghi, he became the head of the office and later a member of the Central Council of the Unity Party and was responsible for the party's foreign relations in Pakistan.
Mr. Talib has been directly or indirectly involved in a number of important events that took place in Peshawar and had a significant impact on the future of the country. These include the formation of the Rawalpindi Advisory Council and the formation of the Mujahideen government.
Mohammad Rasool Talib also attended the following: The United Nations effort to form an interim government to replace Dr. Najibullah's government, meetings of Mujahideen leaders that led to the Islamabad and Mecca agree-ments, participated in negotiations with a high-ranking Taliban delegation in 1998, which was held under the auspi-ces of the United Nations and the Conference of Islamic Countries, and the Governor House meeting in Peshawar, which led to the formation of the Mujahideen interim government and the Mujahideen entered Kabul.