Biography of Khalid Noor, Member of the Negotiating Team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Khalid Noor

Khalid Noor, 25, is the youngest member of the negotiating team of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, born in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan.
He is the son of Atta Mohammad Noor, one of Afghanistan's most prominent politicians, who has a large popular base throughout Afghanistan.
Prior to his election as a member of the Afghanistan Peace Negotiating Team, Khalid Noor played a key role in peace building activities in the country and participated in several meetings on Afghanistan peace process.
As a representative of the people, especially the young generation of Afghans, in peace negotiations with the Taliban he has had various opportunities to represent his peers. Attending peace talks between representatives of the Taliban and Afghan political leaders in Moscow in May 2019 was one of these important opportunities.
Attending inter-Afghan talks with the Taliban in Qatar in July 2019 is another of his experiences.
The Doha Conference was one of the most important meetings in the search for ways to achieve peace in Af-ghanistan. Extensive talks including an end to the 4 decades of war took place between Afghan representatives from various political and social faction with the Taliban group. Khalid Noor played a prominent role alongside other representatives, and raised important and crucial issues and on behalf of Afghan people.
Mr. Noor also attended the Pakistan Peace Conference in July 2019 with a number of Afghan politicians. The meeting was aimed at facilitating and paving the way for inter-Afghan talks to end more than two decades of war with the Taliban and strengthen peace efforts. Important issues for this purpose were raised by Mr. Noor.
Khalid Noor, on behalf of Afghanistan, also attended the annual UN Youth Conference.
Over the past few years, he has met regularly with young people, university students and various strata in the country and gathered different views on the ideals of peace so that he can be the voice of the citizens of the country, especially the young generation in future peace negotiations.
Khalid Noor completed his education at the Afghan-Turk School in Balkh province. He then graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England and then from George Mason University in the United States, ma-joring in conflict analysis and resolution.
He is interested in reading, social and political activities, and participating in charitable activities. He has pub-lished several articles in prestigious international media entitled "Ways to Achieve Peace in Afghanistan". Khalid Noor considers the education of the new generation as an effective way to have a stable and secure Afghanistan, and for this purpose, in addition to membership and activity in support campaigns and facilitation of educational conditions, he founded Jahan-e-Noor University.