Biography of Ghulam Farooq Majrooh, Member of the Negotiating Team of the Islamic Re-public of Afghanistan


Ghulam Farooq Majrooh is 51 years old and holds a bachelor's degree.
After finishing school in Herat province, he went to the Jihad at a young age and while doing his moral and pat-riotic duty, he has served as one of the influential commanders in the Jamiat-e-Islami party.
Mr. Majrooh is currently representing the people in the Wolesi Jirga (Parliament) and was a Member of Parlia-ment in the 16th term as well.
He has served in administrative and security positions in Herat province and in addition to social and political activities, he was a member of the Emergency Loya Jirga in 2002 and also a member of the Constitutional Loya Jirga in 2003.
He has played a significant role in the media and several articles have been published by him. Mr. Majrooh has played a positive role in resolving public disputes.