A meeting was held between the Deputy Ministry for Human Rights and Civil Society with the media 

Sun, Jun 13 2021 12:25 PM

A meeting was held in cooperation with the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) to gather the views of journalists and media activists on the Deputy Ministery for Human Rights and Civil Society at the State Ministry for Peace.
Speaking about the purpose of the meeting, Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Civil Society of the State Ministry for Peace, said that since its inception, the Deputy Ministry has been able to launch various programs to capture the views of the people, especially war victims, women and minorities. But in order to move things forward, it needs a strategic plan that is being worked on.
She also said that one of the main objects of the State Ministry for Peace is to publicize the Afghanistan peace, Because political peace on paper at the cost of ignoring the 20-year achievements of the Afghanistan people is not only unsuccessful, it will not be acceptable.
Presenting the proposed vision and mission for the strategy, Dr. Malik Setiz, a peace researcher, said that in order to formulate the strategic plan of the State Ministry for Peace, discussions were held with civil society, academic and media community partners; Because it is civil society that paves the way for the legitimacy of the strategy and the peace process.
He said: "In fact, the media is the most important tool for peacebuilding, which has a constructive role in promoting peace and security of citizens.” Explaining the proposed perspective, Mr. Setiz said that lasting peace should be based on human rights characteristics, promoting and institutionalizing the values of lasting peace could be defined as the main activity of Deputy Ministry of Human Rights and Civil Society.
Najia Anwari, General Director of Strategic Communications at the State Ministry for Peace, provided information on the ministry's functions, saying that the Ministry of Peace is working as an executive body to implement the peace process and strengthen national consensus, and will work to implement post-peace agreements.
Naser Sidiqi, General Director of strategy and policy at the State Ministry for peace told the meeting that the ministry is currently trying to use the ways to achieve lasting peace that protect the rights of citizens.
Sayed Hassan Alemi, the head of media directorate of the State Ministry for Peace, said that due to the freedom of speech as well as the free activity of the media, the ministry did not suffice for one press department in its organization char, the General Directorate of Strategic Communications, which includes three departments Is intended to be able to better work in the field of protection of freedom of speech and facilitate the activities of the media.
Danish karokhil, director of pajhwok news, beside emphasizing the monitoring role of media on peace process and called for more co-operation with the mentioned category. He suggested that access to information be considered as part of the working principles of the deputy.
Roena Shahabi, a media activist, stressed on the awareness and role of the media in this area, and drawn attention to the role of the ministry in the peace process and the effectiveness of its activities on the people.
The other participants in the meeting then presented their views on the proposed components of the strategy.
Summing up the meeting, Dr. Alema, Deputy Minister of Human Rights and Civil Society at the State Ministry for Peace, said that the document would be shared with relevant institutions once the draft strategy was drawn up. She also stated that the development of a strategic plan for the said deputy will pave the way for the promotion of regular and coherent activities.

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