The First Meeting of "Peace Literature" by the State Ministry for Peace

Wed, Dec 02 2020 2:15 PM

The first meeting of the Peace Literature Series was held by the State Ministry for Peace with the participation of officials from the ministry and a number of poets and writers.
Mr. Abdullah Khenjani, the Deputy Minister of Coordination, Policy and Strategy of the State Ministry for Peace, first explained the purpose of holding the Peace Literature meetings. He said the State Ministry for Peace is working to strengthen people's ownership in the peace process through these meetings and to involve them in the process.
Referring to the effects of poetry and literature on people's minds, Mr. Khenjani said that after religious teachings, poetry and literature have had a great impact on the public mind, and that poets have a prominent role in this regard. He attributed some of the violence to spoken literature, stating that "we need to find a solution to how we can create literature that is effective in peace."
Dr. Alema, the Deputy Minister of Human Rights and Civil Society of the State Ministry for Peace, said that the conflict resolution should not be limited only to political dialogues; other priorities, such as spiritual nourishment, should also be considered.
She emphasized that unfortunately, what has received the most attention in the national media is war and conflict, and therefore, efforts should be made to create intellectual productions about peace to promote peace through poetry and literature.
Dr. Alema highlighted that the policy department of the State Ministry for Peace has started working on this and asked university professors, poets and writers to cooperate in this regard in order to carry out our mission together.
Mr. Lal Pacha Azmoon reflected on the position of peace in Pashto literature, Mr. Qanbar Ali Tabesh on the position of peace in contemporary Persian literature and Mr. Mohammad Alem Koohkan on the position of peace in Uzbek poems. These speakers pointed out that the manifestations of peace in the literature of these three living languages of the country are not only new, but we do not need to look for peace in the literature; because literature itself is peace, and if writers deal with war issues, their concern is peace.
They emphasized that poets and writers consider it their duty to follow heroism and human manifestations of events.
According to these speakers, as much as we can promote poetry, literature and other arts, peace is being promoted to the same extent. They emphasized an enduring peace in which structural justice and human law exist and society is free from educational, cultural and intellectual violence.
Mr. Ahmad Zia Rafat talked about the challenges of the peace literature in Afghanistan. He said that one of these challenges is social thinking, which has developed extremist thinking within itself, and this thinking is in conflict with culture and literature.
Ms. Sarv Rasa Rafizada also spoke about the role of mystical literature in peaceful coexistence and said that on the one hand mystics in Islam have an open and pluralistic view and on the other hand they pay more attention to inner peace, which has caused mystical literature to emphasize self-improvement and avoidance of war and conflict.
Mr. Najibullah Manali discussed the role of recreational literature in public awareness. He emphasized the role of the media in this regard and said, "Unfortunately, the media pays more attention to the news of war and violence than anything else; while they need to tailor their programs to the needs of society and play their teaching role."
In the first meeting of the Peace Literature, a number of national poets, including Khalida Tahsin, Mujib Mehrdad, Forouzan Karimi, Sediqa Afzali, Sayed Jailani Jalan, Shayan Fariwar, Sayed Bahadur Wasefi and Sayed Zahir Mousavi, recited their poems.
Worth mentioning that in the framework of the literary series, other cultural and artistic programs will also be held by the State Ministry for Peace.


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