Consultative meeting of the negotiating team with business people

Tue, Jun 23 2020 6:42 PM

Following a series of consultative meetings of the negotiating team with different strata, some members of the team met with a number of businessmen. 
Khan Jan Alokozai and Azerakhsh Hafezi from Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, Zahra Tarshi and Parwaresh Oryakhail from the Afghanistan Women Chamber, Zarif Gol Zadran and Ahmad Saeed Shams from the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, Najibullah Amiri from the Afghanistan Chamber of Vendors and Shopkeepers, Silani Ahmadi, Mohammad Nabi Storai, and Dr. Shirbaz Zadran from the Afghan-German Chamber, Hossay Andar and Ebrahim Jafari from the International Chamber of Commerce also attended the meeting.
In the beginning, Habiba Sarabi, a member of the negotiating team, while expressing gratitude for the participation of the board of directors of this chamber, said that the negotiating team has held consultative meetings with different strata since its establishment and these meetings will be held continuously. She asked the members of the delegation to share their views, suggestions and expectations from the negotiating team. 
Sharifa Zurmati Wardak, another member of the negotiating team, also spoke about the developments made in the Afghanistan peace process, saying that the negotiating team is committed to working with strong will and determination to ensure lasting peace with honor. She said that in the strategies and mechanisms proposed, the consultations and opinions of different strata will be added.
Khan Jan Alokozai, chairman of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said that the private sector is the basic foundation of the system and the republic, adding that the private sector should be seen as a partner in the system.
Mr. Alokozai also said the private sector supports maintaining the republican system.
He said that before the Loya Jirga, 600 representatives from the private sector had prepared a package of proposals and views on the peace that would be shared with the negotiating team.
Emphasizing the role of the private sector in the governance system, participants of this meeting said that the government alone could not play an effective role in the peace process without the cooperation of the private sector. According to them, the private sector can work with the government to create jobs and provide livelihoods for the Taliban after the peace process.
They stated that real peace comes when we have a running economy, and to have a running and active economy, we need economic stability to ensure political stability.
These businessmen also suggested that private sector elites and professors of economics can work with the negotiating team in terms of providing consultation.
They went on to say that women activists, while being optimistic about holding talks, also have concerns about their rights, stressing that women's rights and their presence in society and social activities should be made clear in the talks.
Khalid Noor, a member of the negotiating team, after hearing the views and demands of the participants, said that there is a need for the establishment of structures in which economists could provide consultation on post-negotiation measures.
Fawzia Koofi also called for the cooperation of these business people in the technical and advisory committees and pledged that their views and suggestions would be shared with other team members and the High Council for National Reconciliation. 
In the end, Habiba Sarabi called on the participants to cooperate with the negotiating team and the High Council for National Reconciliation in mobilizing the people for peace and monitoring the peace process.
The meeting was held following a series of consultative meetings of the negotiating team with different strata. It is noteworthy that as a result of these consultative meetings, the Independent Human Rights Commission and the Afghan Women's Network have developed and shared a communication mechanism with the negotiating team.


Wed, Jul 08 2020 1:53 PM
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Consultative meeting of the State Ministry for Peace with freedom of speech activists and media representatives

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Tue, Jul 07 2020 8:10 PM
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Consultative meeting of the negotiating team with the youth

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Mon, Jul 06 2020 12:09 PM
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Advisory meeting of the leadership of the State Ministry for Peace with the families of war victims

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